If you've ever asked any of the questions below, you're in the right place?

"What's everything that I need to bring to Shanghai"?

"Do people really drive their scooters on the sidewalk"?

"How hard is it to get around when I don't really speak the language"?

"What's this thing called WeChat and why should I care about it"?

"What if I need to see the doctor. Which hospital do I go to"?


We're Gigi Rodgers & Sarah Murison, the creators of
The Out of Towners & Expat Quest

If you don't know the answers to the above questions - we get it.
We were in the same boat. 

That's why we created these groups.

In Expat Quest, we work directly with HR teams, schools, and professional organizations to create transition packages & onboarding processes to help their new hires, or students, with their transition to Shanghai.

The Out of Towners is a social community where we discuss basic and
advanced topics regarding life in Shanghai.




We're seasoned social media & content marketing managers, that have worked with such clients as Gucci, Guinness, multi-million dollar content marketing firms, best-selling authors, and more.

Through our years of helping to produce content and create distribution strategies that have been featured on such publications as Mashable & Inbound - we're now directing our efforts to create content to help fellow expats with their transition to Shanghai.

With that in mind, don't hesitate to contact us on WeChat or join us at our monthly meetup 'New to Shanghai'. 

There's a lot to learn about living in Shanghai, check out these resources.